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John Owen, Pyrographic


John Owen, Pyrographic

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Dr. John Owen (1616-1683), theologian, was born of Puritan parents at Stadham in Oxfordshire in 1616. At twelve years of age he was admitted at Queen’s College, Oxford, where he took his B.A. degree in 1632 and M.A. in 1635. During these years he worked with such diligence that he allowed himself but four hours sleep a night, and damaged his health by this excessive labour. In 1637 he was driven from Oxford by his refusal to comply with the requirements of Laud’s new statutes. Having taken orders shortly before, he became chaplain and tutor in the family of Sir Robert Dormer of Ascot in Oxfordshire. At the outbreak of the civil troubles he adopted Parliamentary principles, and thus lost both his place and the prospects of succeeding to his uncle’s fortune. For a while he lived in Charterhouse Yard, in great unsettlement of mind on religious questions, which was removed at length by a sermon which he accidently heard at St Michael’s in Wood Street. His first publication, in 1642, The Display of Arminianism, dedicated to the committee of religion gained him the living of Fordham in Essex, from which a “scandalous minister” had been ejected.


These typically sell for over $500.  It takes over 10 hours to make this art using heat burning wood.

One of a Kind and very Collectable  :  http://rogerwbishop.com/Collectability/

14 x 11 inches, Image burned into Birch wood (about 1/8 inch thick)

The nice thing is that the actual image is about 8×10 and will fit in a standard 14×11 frame with standard mat.

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