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John Paton, Pyrographic

John Paton

John Paton, Pyrographic

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John Paton (1824–1907), Protestant missionary to the New Hebrides.

“Paton undertook a tremendous work which would yield little fruit for decades, convinced of the absolute sovereignty of God to build his church. Constantly under threat of death, Paton preached faithfully to the islands of the New Hebrides, raising a family there” Wikipedia


These typically sell for over $500.  It takes over 10 hours to make this art using heat burning wood.

One of a Kind and very Collectable  :  http://rogerwbishop.com/Collectability/

14 x 11 inches, Image burned into Birch wood (about 1/8 inch thick)

The nice thing is that the actual image is about 8×10 and will fit in a standard 14×11 frame with standard mat.

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